Pichenergy is a division of Picharchitects. We deepen and propose solutions based on sustainability that give our customers a security to new social demands, increasing energy demand and rising energy prices.

In Pichenergy we are experts in energy efficiency and savings offer advisory services, consulting, feasibility studies, audit and energy certification in order to reduce demand and energy costs, the addition of new parameters linked to productivity and health, as well and the application of new energy production systems.

Since Pichenergy believe there long way to go to optimize the energy consumption of the building stock and increased use of renewable sources.

So far, most actions in terms of energy reforms in building have affected exclusively on modifying facilities. Architectural incorporate energy efficiency standards in the reforms may represent a net saving for the remaining useful life of the building.

Our knowledge of the industry allows us to propose actions that respect the needs of new buildings or renovate existing ones to reduce operating costs, streamline and revitalize its image surfaces.